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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air

A lovely print to frame for decorations

What to give those you Love

     The great romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day is upon us again and I am still trying to come up with the perfect gift for my dh and three children and granddaughter.  I have bought  some items but none that seem to adequately convey how much they are to my world.
I hate shopping in the stores for stuff because that never seems to have enough sentiment to it.  I am making two things for my hubby.  One is this really cute pillowcase  that I found on Tip Junkie’s blog, but was originally designed by Creature Comforts.  The downloaded image is all ready to be printed on iron on transfer paper, then I just need  to buy two pillowcases, I already have transfer paper so I load the transfer paper into my printer, print it on the paper side, apply the transfer to the pre-washed pillowcases , and Voila!  This was from the movie, “Jerry Maguire”, in case it seemed familiar from you but you forgot the movie title.  The completed project  looks like this:
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Creature Comforts


 Then I found this beautiful quote that I turned into a print that I have printed and have framed.  After you have been married 26 years it is the words that don't get said anymore that are the most important to say. 

I thought I would share what I think are some of the best movies about "Love" that are out there.  I know I didn't include Love Story because it is just too darn sad for Valentine's Day, or the Vow because I thought it was tragic what those two had to go through.  I am sure there are more out there that would be wonderful to watch with your sweetie.  Send me your top ten or twenty list, I would love to see it.  Here's hoping your Valentine's Day is filled with Amore.

Top 20 Most Romantic Movies (according to me)
 1. The Notebook (2003) with Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie)
2. An Affair to Remember (1957) with Cary Grant (Nicky) and Deborah Kerr (Terry)
3. Titantic (1997) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose)
4. Casablanca (1942) with Ingrid Bergman (Ilsa) and Humphrey Bogart (Rick Blaine)
5. West Side Story 1961) with Natalie Wood (Maria) and Richard Beymer (Tony)

 6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) with Jim Carrey (Joel) and Kate Winslet (Clementine)
7. Moulin Rouge (2001) with Ewan MacGregor (Christian) and Nicole Kidman (Satine)
8. P.S. I Love You (2007) with Gerard Butler (Gerry) and Hillary Swank (Holly)
9. Ghost (1990) with Patrick Swayze (Sam Wheat) and Demi Moore (Molly Jensen)
10. Gone with the Wind (1939) with Clark Gable (Rhett Butler) and Vivian Leigh (Scarlett O'Hara) 13. Dear John (2010) with Amanda Seyfried (Savannah) and Channing Tatum ( John)
14. Pride and Prejudice (2005) with Kiera Knightly (Elizabeth Bennett) and Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy)
15. My Fair Lady (1964) with Audrey Hepburn (Eliza Doolittle) and Rex Harrison (Henry Higgins
16. Romeo and Juliet (1996) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo) and Claire Danes (Juliet)
 17. The African Queen (1951) with Humphrey Bogart (Captain Charlie Allnut) and Katherine Hepburn (Rose Sayer)
18. Dirty Dancing (1987) with Patrick Swayze (Johnny) and  Jennifer Grey (Frances aka Baby)
19. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) with Audrey Hepburn (Holly Golightly) and George Peppard (Paul Varjak)
20. When Harry Met Sally (1989) with Meg Ryan (Sally) and Billy  Crystal (Harry)