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Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays..... make me want to listen to Kenny Loggins

Happy Monday.  Well, as the title suggests it is rain, rain, raining.  Which is great, except that it is Monday, my house majorally needs to be cleaned because everyone is at home over the weekend and I have let a few chores slide while I finish some projects.  I know, cleaniliness should come first for a stay-at-home Mother but....  I could complete that sentence, but I am sure that any of you out there who are like me know what that "but " means.  It feels way better to look at a completed project.  On a good note, I found a darling coffee table on the side of the road, squeezed it into my tiny Nissan Versa and brought that baby home.  My daughter is still trying to furnish her new home and this looks a lot like her dining table.  It is stained wood on top and painted flat white on the bottom ( I don't think whoever fixed this baby up took time to prime or you use decent paint because it looks really pathetic).  Now for the real fun.  I  sanded that baby down, primed the bottom, fixed the support that was missing underneath, re stained the top with Min Wax Mahogany and concocted a beautiful new turquoise with some clearance Martha Stewart samples.  I think the names of the samples were American Teal and Ocean Blue. I rolled the paint on with a sponge roller which let a gorgeous finish then finished it with a black glaze ( 2 parts Martha Stewart faux glaze and  1 part Behr Eggshell black paint ). I am stunned at the finished results.  My daughter says she is not sure is the turquoise will look good but her living area is white everywhere, white walls, white sofa, white chair and I just gave her a large spiced pumpkin orange jute rug.  If she doesn't love it, I may have to adopt this baby.  Check out the before and afters here.  All I need to do now is figure out what to do with the knobs.  Megan thinks some Anthropology knobs would look good but I am still trying to make my free table as low budget as possible and since I've only used what I had on hand.  It is still at 0 dollars.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  While you think, I'm going back to listening to "I'm Free (heaven can wait)",  one of the catchy songs from Footloose and KENNY LOGGINS.

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